Send an Email from a Record

Send an email from Litify to inform someone of updates in a case, keep track of all correspondences on a case, or email specific field information. Emails are stored on the case along with the rest of the correspondences you add directly to the case.

For example, an intake agent might want to email the questions and answers from a completed questionnaire to a case attorney. This guide will show you how to complete this process.


Here's how:

1. Navigate to the record from which you want to send an email. You can send an email from any record. For this example, we're sending an email from an intake record.

2. Locate the Activity component to the right of the record page. Click the Email tab.


3. Select a recipient, then compose your email. The row of buttons beneath the email field contain additional options: attach a file, insert a merge field, insert a template, preview email, clear the email, and popout to docked view.

a. For this example, we're adding the questionnaire questions and answers to the email. Click the Insert merge field button.


b. On the "Select Merge Field" window you can add any intake field to the email. To add the questions and answers to all questionnaires on the intake, select the Intake: Questionnaire Output field. Click Insert.


c. The questionnaire output field appears in the email content. This contains all questions and answers to all questionnaires.


4. Preview the email before you send it to verify that it contains the information you want to send.


5. After you have reviewed everything, click Send.

6. The Past Activity section contains the sent email, the date and time it was sent, and a record of the email. Click the email record to see its contents.


You successfully sent an email on Litify.

Review Salesforce documentation for more information:
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