Delete a Matter Plan on a Matter and Select a New One

Delete a matter plan and select a new one when a case requires an updated or entirely new matter plan. To complete this process, add the Stages related list to the matter page layout so you can delete stages. Select a new matter plan once every stage is deleted via the related list.

Additionally, matter stage switches allow you to switch between matter plans.

1. Add the Stages related list to your matters page layout, then make sure the related list appears on your matters. Skip this step if your matter page layout includes this page layout already.


2. Navigate to the Stages related list on the matter.


3. Delete every stage on the Stages related list. Click the dropdown arrow next to each stage and click Delete.


4. Navigate back to the matter plan once every stage is deleted. Now you can choose a new matter plan from the dropdown list.


5. Select a matter plan and click Save.

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