DICE queues can navigate to intakes, matters, or clients. Determine this setting with the Navigate To dropdown list in Dice Queue Builder. When users click Next on DICE, the DICE calling list navigates to these records based on your navigation settings and queries. This article covers considerations about navigating to each of these records.



Navigate to Intakes


The most common DICE queue process is navigating to intakes. Navigate to any intakes based on questions or field values you set in queries.


Navigate to Matters

Build DICE queues that navigate to matters that originated as intakes. You cannot navigate to matters that did not begin as intakes.

The litify_pm__Matter__c field on the intake must be populated to navigate to a matter with DICE. DICE queues begin by checking intake fields, and navigate from there. If this field is not populated, then the DICE queue will not navigate to the matter.


Navigate to Clients

Build DICE queues that navigate to clients on intakes. The Client field on an intake is populated by a party.

To navigate to a party record, the party must be used to populate the Client field on an intake.

Navigate to party records to log calls, emails, and collect information about parties.

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