Summer '18 Release Notes

The Summer '18 release simplifies common case-management processes with new tools for searching, filtering, and navigating records, tasks, and activities. Manage tasks with more tools on list views, including kanban and split list views. Narrow down global search results by object. Link to relevant records in chatter conversations. You have a lot of information. This release makes it easier to work with information and continue building your business on Litify.


Your org will be upgraded automatically

All Litify orgs will be upgraded to the new release at some point in the first two weeks in June. You do not need to manually install this release. The specific time and date for your organization's five-minute upgrade window is listed here.

When your org is being upgraded, your users will receive a message stating that the service is momentarily unavailable. Once the service is available, your Salesforce org will be on the Summer '18 release. This reminder only applies to the upgrade of your production instance. For information on sandbox upgrades, please visit


New Features

Narrow down global search to specific objects

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint an exact party, intake, or matter you're searching for with global search. Now, limit search results with the new object dropdown list next to the search bar. Choose matters, intakes, parties, or any other object to remove excess results and see exactly what you need to see. Find more information here.



Manage tasks with more tools on list views

On task list views, you now have more ways to manage tasks. Move tasks between statuses with the kanban list view. View a list of tasks and the task detail pages side-by-side with the split view. Find more information here.



Split View:



Assign tasks to multiple users

When creating tasks, you can now assign them to several users at once. This creates a copy of the task for each assigned user. Each individual populates the Assigned To field on his or her assigned copy of the task. Find more information here.



Filter activities by your activities

On the Activity Timeline of a record, you can now filter activities by My activities. Locate your activities when a record has numerous emails, calls, and tasks on its timeline. Simply click the filter button on the Activity Timeline of a record and select filters. Find more information here.



Drag and drop calendar events to keep up with your busy schedule

Drag and drop your schedule and keep up with event changes without wasting time. Change your calendar view to drag an event to a different week or month. Find more information here.

Change a calendar event in the same week:


Change a calendar event within the same month:



Streamline Collaboration with Links to Records in Chatter

You can now link directly to any record in Chatter feeds. Conversations are simple and streamlined when everyone involved can navigate directly to relevant records. Reference parties, intakes, matters, or any other pertinent records in Chatter. Find more information here.



Export Formatted Reports and Share Them

Collaboration and information sharing just got simpler. Export reports with column summaries and totals and share them immediately without the extra work of editing them. Reports are the key to viewing your metrics and success on Litify. Export them and collaborate on your success easily with formatted reports. Find more information here.


Create Topics for Organizing Records

The Topics component in Lightning experience allows you to add topics for record types. Keep track of all topics and organize your information by topic with this feature. Find more information here.


Complete Release Notes

View the complete release notes here.


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