Locate Your Matters with Matters Quick Search in the Utility Bar

Locate exact matters easily using the Matters Quick Search in the utility bar. This search includes all matters you own or where you are a matter team member. Simply enter search information and click the magnifying glass or enter, and quickly locate exact matters.


Add to your Utility Bar

1. Navigate to Setup > App Manager > Litify Matters (custom or managed app depending on what you use) > Edit. If you use a custom Litify Matters app, you must edit that app to add this.


2. Navigate to Utility Items, click Add Utility Item, and add the matterQuickSearchWidget.

• Label: Matter Quick Search
• Dimensions: width: 680, height: 480.


3. Next, determine which fields you want users to search when using quick search. Navigate to Object Manager > Matter > Search Layouts > Search Results > Edit.


4. In Matter Search Results, select the fields you want to search when using the Matters Quick Search. Select fields in the Available Fields and click Add to add them to Selected Fields. Common fields include Display Name, Client, and Case Type. Save your changes.

• Note: The Matters Quick Search displays for our five Selected Fields, depending on which fields you select. It will not display every field you select beyond five fields. You are still able to search by every Selected Field.


5. Navigate to any page on the Matters app and open the Matters Quick Search. Search by any of the fields you added in the previous step, then click enter. Advanced Search contains all results along with the fields you added to search results.


Additional tool for locating your matters:
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