Administrators have the ability to deactivate firm members at any time. Deactivated users are able to log in to LRN, but they are not able to complete any processes or view any referrals. The end of this guide covers the process to reactivate a deactivated user.

1. In Firm Settings, select the Firm Members tab.

2. Locate the individual you are deactivating in your firm. Beneath the Actions tab, click Manage Users. Let’s remove Jake Jagger form D. James & Sons LLC.  



2. In the bottom-left corner of the Manage User window, click Deactivate User.  


3. Beneath the Role tab in Firm Members, the member’s role is shown as Deactivated.



Deactivated users are not deleted

Deactivating users does not delete them from your firm. They remain in your Firm Members. This process saves the deactivated user’s permissions. 

Deactivated users are able to log in to Litify, but they are only able to edit their user settings. Every other window displays this message:




Reactivate a user

Complete this process again. The Deactivate User button will now say Activate User.


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