Build a Process to Sign Up an Intake and Open a Matter

This is the second process in the Automate Litify Actions guide. In this guide we'll build a process to automatically sign up and open matters from intakes that originated as referrals from Pulliam LP with the Construction case type. We've had success with Pulliam LP construction cases in the past, so we want to save time by automatically opening matters for all of them.

1. Navigate to Setup > Process Builder and create a new process.

2. Complete the "New Process" window.


3. Click + Add Object and complete the "Choose Object" window.

a. Select the Intake object.
b. Start the process when a record is created or edited.
c. Click Save.


4. Click + Add Criteria and complete the "Define Criteria" window.

a. Name the criteria.
b. Set the "Criteria for Executing Actions" to Conditions are met.
c. Our first condition is intake case type equals Construction.
d. Second condition is set to intake originating firm equals the ID of the firm, then add the originating firm's ID.
e. Add more conditions as necessary for your process.



5. Complete the remaining section.

a. Set Conditions to All of the conditions are met (AND). Select the required conditions for your process. For example, you can set conditions to equal several different partner firms, then set conditions to any of the conditions are met. That way, all of your partner firm intakes are automatically signed up.
b. In Advanced, click Yes.
c. Click Save.


6. Add actions.

a. Select the Apex Action Type.
b. Name the action.
c. The first action is Sign Up.
d. This action only requires the record_id Apex Variable set to the intake's Record ID as seen in the below image. Save the action.


7. Add a second action. The second action is Open Matter. This action requires several apex variables.

a. Select the record_id based on the intake ID.
b. Select the matter_owner based on the intake owner.
c. Select the case_type based on the intake case type.
d. If necessary, select the matter plan you want to add to this matter.
e. If necessary, select the matter team you want to add to this matter.
f. Select whether or not to override the default matter plan with the override_matter_plan field set to true or false. If true, you can select a matter plan. If false, the default matter plan will be added to this matter.


8. Activate your process.

9. Now, all Construction intakes from Pulliam LP are automatically signed up and a matter is created.

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