You can add a custom button to your page layout to make a process quicker and easier for users in your org. Follow this guide to create a "Send Questionnaire" button to allow intake agents to send questionnaire answers via email directly from the intake page layout. Follow this guide or create your own button along with these steps.

This is the final step in the Litify Sending Questionnaires guide. Review the introduction and complete every step prior to this one.

1. Navigate to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Intake.

2. Click Buttons, Links & Actions, and click New Action.


3. Complete the "Enter Action Information" window.


a. Object Name: Intake.
b. Action type: Update a Record.
c. Standard Label Type: None.
d. Label: Send Questionnaire.
e. Name: Send_Questionnaire automatically populates this field.
f. Description: "An action to send the contents of an intake to a specified recipient."
g. Success Message: Intake Questionnaire Sent. Click Save.



5. Edit the page layout of the action.The action page layout opens automatically after creating the action.


a. Drag Questionnaire Subject and Questionnaire Recipient onto the canvas. Note: you must first create these fields with this guide.
b. Click Save.


6. Edit your intake page layouts to include this button.

a. On the Intakes object, click Page Layouts.
b. Select the Page Layout you want to add this action to. For this example, choose your active Intake Page Layout.
c. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions (this might be Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions in your org), and drag Send Questionnaire into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.
d. Click Save.


You completed the Sending Litify Questionnaire guide. Now you can go ahead and test it out by visiting an intake record, clicking your new button, and emailing it to yourself to confirm that it’s working well. Great Job!


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