Available and Active Questionnaire Settings

Questionnaires can be Active, Available, or both. Determine these settings in Questionnaire Builder when you are creating or editing questionnaires.

Questionnaire Builder:



Active Questionnaires

Setting questionnaires as active enables them to be the default questionnaire, active in navigation rules, and active on the component. Inactive questionnaires cannot be completed on intakes and matters.

Setting a questionnaire as active allows users to set the questionnaire as the default questionnaire. Active questionnaires appear in the Default Questionnaire dropdown list in Litify Settings: Questionnaire Settings.



This setting also allows other questionnaires to navigate to this questionnaire via navigation rules in Questionnaire Builder. This is the only setting that allows questionnaire navigation, so make sure to set these questionnaires as active. Every questionnaire in the navigation dropdown list is an active questionnaire.



Available Questionnaires

Setting a questionnaire as available allows users to add it to an intake or matter record. When you click the + button, the dropdown list of questionnaires includes all active questionnaires.

Note: Questionnaires can navigate to unavailable questionnaires via navigation rules, so they are not entirely inaccessible. Use this setting for junction questionnaires that serve as bridges between other questionnaires.



If both of these settings are unchecked, the questionnaire is entirely inaccessible on Litify. Use this when you are editing a questionnaire and need it to be unavailable and inaccessible during that time.

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