Test CQC after creating rules to ensure they work on questionnaire. Make sure the correct message displays, navigation works well, and the CQC maps fields correctly. This guide is a continuation of the Create CQC guide, so make sure you have created CQC before following this guide.

1. Create a questionnaire that includes the question in your CQC.

Note: Make sure to check the Check CQC? box when you're building the questionnaire: 


2. Navigate to the questionnaire and answer the question that triggers the CQC. 


3. Click Next on the questionnaire to make the CQC rules evaluate the answers. Since we selected the value that triggers the CQC, the message we created appears.


4. Check the appropriate fields to make sure the CQC mapped them correctly. 

For this example, the Status field automatically changed to Turned Down:


5. Continue navigation the questionnaire if you set the CQC to allow continued navigation. Or end the questionnaire if the CQC ends the questionnaire.

Build more CQC rules to establish your intakes processes. Qualify intakes, automatically map information to field values, and define your intakes processes with CQC rules.

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