Filter Matter Tasks added to a Matter to view tasks that meet certain criteria and locate exact tasks quickly. Remove filters to view the tasks added to the current stage. This guide covers filtering tasks, organizing filtered tasks by the headers in the task table, and removing filters.

Filter criteria:

• Due Date
• Assignee
• Status
• Stage
• Priority
• Repeat
• Optional: Type

  1. Navigate to a Matter Stage.
  2. Click the filter button to open filter options. img37.gif
  3. In the Filter dropdown list, select a filter criteria: Due Date, Assignee, Status, Stage, Priority, and Repeat.
    • Due Date: If you filter by Due Date, select the Beginning Date and End Date. Note: you cannot add multiple filters when filtering by Due Date.
    • Assignee: Filter by all users assigned tasks on this matter plan.
    • Status: Filter by statuses of all tasks on this plan.
    • Stage: Filter by all stages on this plan that contain matter tasks.
    • Priority: Filter by the priorities of tasks on this plan.
    • Repeat: Filter by task repeat settings.img38.png
  4. After selecting a filter, complete the Filter Condition field.
    • This dropdown list is dependent on the selected filter.
    • If you selected Due Date as a filter, you will see the Beginning Date and End Date fields.
  5. Tasks that meet the filter condition appear in the list of tasks. In this image, tasks are filtered by the Open status:img39.png
  6. After selecting one filter, you can add filters to further narrow down the list of tasks.
    • You cannot combine "and" and "or" filters. You can use one or the other.
    • In this example, we're already filtering by open tasks. Let's add a filter based on priority. This will give us a list of open tasks with a high priority. Note: you cannot add more filters if you are filtering by Due Date.
    • And filter: Click the plus button next to the Filter Condition field to select an And filter. This filters the list of tasks to include tasks that meet all selected conditions.
    • Or filter: Click the or button next to the Filter Condition field to select an Or filter. This filters the list of tasks to include tasks that meet any of the selected conditions.
    • In this image, an "and" filter is added to the existing open status filter. Now the list of tasks only includes tasks that are open and high priority.img40.gif
  7. Add as many filters as you need to the matter stage.

Organize filtered tasks

After filtering tasks, organize them further by clicking the headers. Each header is a field on the task. Organize the table by any header except for the repeat header.


Remove filters on the task component

  1. Click the X next to the Filter field to remove the filter criteria.
  2. Set the task table to display every task added to the matter.
  3. Click Clear to remove all filter conditions.


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