Add notes to matter tasks on matters to keep track of information you come across during a case. Notes are an important tool for compiling information for yourself and team members.

1. On a matter stage on a matter, locate the task where you're adding a note.

2. Click the img19.png button on the task table. This button is gray if the task contains no notes. This button is blue if the task contains notes.

3. Complete the note creation page with a title and body text. Click Save.


4. The note icon is now blue, indicating this task contains note(s). Click the icon to view, edit, delete, and add new notes.

• Click Go to Note to navigate to the note and edit or delete the note.
• Click New Note to create a new note on this task.


5. The notes window displays all notes added to the task. Click each note to view, edit, or delete it.



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