Work Smarter 18.7 is our first minor release building on top of our Work Smarter Release that came out in May 2018.

18.7 Installation Link

Install this release with this installation link.


• Role records can now be reparented to different parties after they are created, so users can update the party lookup without deleting the role. 
• Users can toggle task names between clip text and wrap text options to view tasks on the task component.* LIT-2868)-
• Users are warned when entering dates in an incorrect format when creating a new party using the accountNewOverride Lightning component. (2674)
• On questionnaires, users can resize multiselect question fields so they can see more values without scrolling.**(LIT-2320)
• Questionnaire nodes now support unlimited navigation rules. (LIT-2794)
• On Default Matter Tasks, users can filter task and stage search results on Due Date Selector by the stage and matter plan. (LIT-2674)



• Fixed issue with auto-add task assigning to the current user instead of matter team members when opening a matter from an intake. (LIT-3054)
• When creating new time entries, the Task Type picklist is now in alphabetical order. (LIT-2522)
• The questionnaire component now prevents users from entering more characters than mapped text fields allow while answering string questions. (LIT-2717)





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