Name nodes when you are creating questionnaires to increase the clarity and ease of navigating questionnaires for users. The questionnaire displays the node name beneath the name of the questionnaire.

In this questionnaire, Opening Questionnaire, the node name is "Identify Client and Caller."


1. Navigate to Questionnaire Builder of a questionnaire.

2. Click the name of a node.

3. Click the little pencil next to the node name.

4. Two fields appear.

a. The top field names the node within Questionnaire Builder. This helps you navigate the questionnaire when setting it up in Questionnaire Builder. This does not appear on the questionnaire itself anywhere. 

b. Information added to the bottom field appears on the node beneath the name of the questionnaire. Use this field to describe the purpose of the node for users navigating the questionnaire.

5. Click Update.

6. Make sure to Save the questionnaire.

In this example, the node is titled "1 - Identify client who is not the caller" in Questionnaire Builder. On the questionnaire, the node is named "Identify Client and Caller."


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