Field Label -- the display name of the field on an object
Field Name -- the name of the field, API name
Data Type -- the data type that this field uses
Indexed -- you can perform SOQL query on indexed fields
Description -- brief description of the field


Field Label Field Name Data Type Indexed Definition
ExternalId litify_pm__ExternalId__c Number(18, 0) (External ID) TRUE ID of this case type in LRN
Is Available litify_pm__Is_Available__c Checkbox FALSE Available to use on cases
Is Local litify_pm__Is_Local__c Formula (Checkbox) FALSE Custom case types created in an org ID litify_pm__Litify_com_ID__c Formula (Text) FALSE Case type ID
LRN Case Type litify_pm__LRN_Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) TRUE Managed case type. Populated when you create a custom case type.
Mapped to ExternalId litify_pm__Mapped_to_ExternalId__c Formula (Number) FALSE ID of the LRN case type
Owner OwnerId Lookup(User,Group)   Owner of this record


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