Calendar Rules Trigger Object Fields

The Calendar Rules Trigger object contains these custom fields.

Field Label -- the display name of the field on an object
Field Name -- the name of the field, API name
Data Type -- the data type that this field uses
Indexed -- you can perform SOQL query on indexed fields
Description -- brief description of the field


Calendar Rules System ID litify_pm__SystemID__c Text(32) FALSE the Calendar Rules ID for this trigger. This ID is not unique to other triggers. If two triggers share the same name (Such as "Trial"), they will have the same litify_pm__SystemID__c regardless of the date and jurisdiction of the trigger. 
Calendar Rules Trigger Name Name Text(80) TRUE The name of the calendar rule event.
Change Reason litify_pm__ChangeReason__c Text Area(255) FALSE The reason a user changes the date on a calendar rule trigger or event. This field contains the most recent change reason.
Description litify_pm__Description__c Text Area(255) FALSE Calendar rule description associated with event.
Event Change Log litify_pm__EventChangeLog__c Lookup(Event Change Log) TRUE The most recent event change log record.
Jurisdiction ID litify_pm__JurisdictionID__c Text(32) FALSE The Calendar Rules ID of this trigger's jurisdiction. 
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Master-Detail(Matter) TRUE The matter associated with this event.
Service litify_pm__Service__c Text(255) FALSE The type of service used if a trigger item required service.
Trigger Date litify_pm__TriggerDate__c Date/Time FALSE The date and time the trigger item occurred or will occur.

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