Matters Field Requirements for Litify Actions in Process Builder

The tables below contain necessary fields for using Matters all actions in Process Builder. Set these fields in the Apex Variable section of Process Builder when building processes. This image contains an example of the Refer Out action. Field, Type, and Value are required for each row. Review the tables to determine the required fields for automating actions.




Close Matter record_id Field Reference [litify_pm__Matter__c].Id
  close_reason String Settlement, Decision, Verdict, Dismissal, Turned Down
  close_reason_sub_status String Decision: Favorable, Unfavorable, Partially Favorable
      Verdict: Favorable, Unfavorable, Partially Favorable
      Dismissal: With Prejudice, Without Prejudice
  amount Number If you select Settlement, or Decision/Verdict as Favorable or Partially Favorable, enter the amount won
  reason String If you select Decision or Verdict as Unfavorable, enter the reason you lost the case
  turn_down_reason String If you selected Turned Down clsoe reason: enter any available option in the Turn Down dropdown list
  turn_down_reason_other String Enter a custom reason (if you enter "Other" for Turn Down Reason)
Notify LRN record_id Field Reference [litify_pm__Matter__c].Id
Re-open matter record_id Field Reference [litify_pm__Matter__c].Id
Refer Out Matter agreement_type String To be determined, other, percentage
  agreement_name String Name your agreement (if you entered "other" for type)
  referral_fee Number Enter a number between 1-100 (if you entered "percentage" for type)
  client Field Reference [litify_pm__Intake__c].litify_pm__Client__r
  record_id Field Reference [litify_pm__Matter__c].Id
  handling_firm_id ID Enter handling firm's ID
  sobject_name String litify_pm__Matter__c

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