Send Bulk Referrals with Data Loader

Send bulk referrals using Data Loader to send one or many referrals to many different firms at once. You might have a long list of referrals to send to partner firms on Litify. Follow this guide to create a .csv file containing the fields and field values you want to load, insert the .csv, then determine field mapping.

1. Create a .csv file containing all fields and field values you want to map to the new referral records. Each referral record you add must contain the following required fields:

• Sync status set to NEW
• Email or phone field
• Client First Name and Client Last Name
• Originating Firm (your firm) and Handling Firm exactly as they appear on Litify
• Case State using the standard form:

-ex. "AL Alabama" or "NY New York" for Alabama and New York

• Record Type set to Outgoing Referral

Add any other fields you would like to automatically populate on your new referral records.

Example containing a few fields. Add a row for each referral record:

User-added image

2. Open Data Loader. This guide uses the web app version of Data Loader. Click New Task - Import.


3. Choose the Insert operation and Referral object. Click Next.


4. Select the CSV file you created in step 1. Click Next.


5. Choose the mapping for every field. Any data that is not mapped will not be added to your org. For any field that requires a Lookup, click the Lookup via checkbox and complete the following steps:

a. In Originating Firm, select Firm Name in the Firm dropdown list.
b. In Handling Firm, select Firm Name in the Firm dropdown list.
c. In Case Type, select Case Type Name in the Case Type dropdown list.
d. Click Next.



6. Review the Summary on the following page, then click Save & Run.

7. Look for the successful Referral Insert, then check your Litify referrals to review your new referrals.


You successfully sent many referrals using Data Loader.

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