Quick Summary

Our latest Parties release includes 3 important updates!

  • We’ve improved the user experience for managing parties and roles associated with intakes and matters.
  • Building similar matter plans just got easier thanks to the new Clone button.
  • Button visibility issues introduced by the Salesforce Spring ‘20 release (02/07/2020) are resolved.

Getting Started

Litify Admins

  • Swap the old Roles component on your Lightning record page layouts with the new Party Roles Custom Lightning Component.
  • Add the Clone button to your Matter Plan page layouts.

Follow these detailed release configuration steps after upgrading. 

Litify Users

Intake and Matter records look a little different. Instead of relying on Related List Quick Links for parties and roles, there’s a new Parties tab. Here’s a quick look:


Do you create matter plans? If so, life just got easier! Check out the Clone button for yourself at App Launcher > Matter Plans. The new button appears in the top-right of any opened matter plan.


These updates are available to all customers on February 20th, 2020. Simply install the Parties Release (20.2002).

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