Automate the Process to Copy Additional Intake Fields to a New Matter

The Open Matter Litify Action on an intake automatically copies over certain fields to the new matter. This guide shows you how to build a process with Process Builder to copy additional fields to the new matter. Many firms choose to create custom fields beyond the Litify packaged fields. Customize your automation and determine the exact fields that carry over between intakes and matters.

This guide describes the process to carry over the Total Calls field from intakes to matters. Choose any fields to copy over to matters as you work along with this guide.


Here's how:

1. Visit Setup by clicking 1.png in the upper-right corner and clicking Setup

2. Search for Process Builder in the Quick Find Box and select it.

3. In the upper-right corner of the "My Processes" window, click New

4. Complete the "New Process" window.

a. Name the process "Copy Intake Fields to New Matter."
b. Describe the process. This helps you know exactly what this process is doing when you review your processes.
c. Select to start the process when "A record changes." Click Save.



5. Visually design the process in Process Builder. First, click + Add Object to select the type of object this process involves.

6. Complete the "Choose Object and Specify When to Start the Process" window.

a. Select the Matter object.
b. Select to star the process "only when a record is created."



7. In the process builder window, click + Add Criteria. The "Define Criteria" window opens.

a. Criteria Name: "Intake Fields Are Populated."
b. Set the Criteria for Executing Actions: Conditions are met.

8. Set the first row of conditions.

a. Choose the Matter > Primary Intake field.
b. Select the Is null operator.
c. Select the Boolean type.
d. Select the False value.


9. Add a second row of conditions:

a. Choose the Matter > Primary Intake > select the field you want to carry over to the new matter. This guide references the Total Calls field. Reference any custom field or other field that you want to carry over from intakes to new matters.
b. Select the Is null operator.
c. Select the Boolean type.
d. Select the False value.


These conditions make sure the intake lookup from the matter is not empty, and fields you are carrying over are not empty. If they are empty, this process will not fire.


10. Back in the process builder window, click + Add Action. The "Select and Define Action" window opens.

a. Select Update Record in the Action Type dropdown list.
b. Name your action Update Matter Field.
c. In Record Type: Select the Matter__c record that started your process.
d. Select the field on the matter that you want to be populated.
e. Select Field Reference type.
f. In Value, select the Primary Intake > Total Calls field. In place of Total Calls, select the field you are changing if you are running the process to update different fields. 
g. Click Save.


11. Activate the process.

a. In the upper-right corner click Activate
b. Click Confirm.

Open a matter from an intake with the field populated and check to see that the field is populated on the matter.


Additional information

Review Salesforce documentation for additional information and background about the Lightning Process Builder.


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