Create Custom Matching and Duplicate Rules

Litify Settings allows you to merge duplicate parties into a single party record. Follow this guide to create a custom Matching Rule and Duplicate Rule to keep track of duplicate parties. Then read this guide to merge parties when your Duplicate Rules identify duplicate records.

In this guide we are creating a Matching Rule that identifies two parties whose Account Name fields are an exact match. Select different fields to track more nuanced duplicates.


Follow steps 1-7 to create a custom Matching Rule

1. First, create a Matching Rule to be used in a Duplicate Rule. From Setup, search for "matching rules" in Quick Find. Click Matching Rules. See Salesforce documentation about Matching Rules.

2. Click New Rule.

3. Select the Account object.

4. Name the rule Account Match.

5. Describe the rule.


6. Complete the Matching Criteria.

a. In Field, choose Account Name. Select additional fields if you want your matching rule to find duplicate records when several different fields have the same value.
b. In Matching Method, choose Exact. Choose another value if you need it for your rules.
c. Click Save.


7. Navigate back to your Matching Rules, and click Activate next to your new rule.



Add your Matching Rule to a Duplicate Rule

8. Search for "Duplicate Rules" in Quick Find Box. Click Duplicate Rules.

9. Locate the Standard Account Duplicate Rule. Click Edit.

10. In the Matching Rules section, select your new Account Match rule.

11. Click Save.


Your Duplicate Rule should match this:


Additional information:
See Salesforce documentation about matching rules for more information.


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