Make Fields Private with Field-Level Security

Certain fields on intakes, matters, parties, and other objects contain sensitive information. Firms can choose to hide these fields from specific profiles so those users cannot see the fields and sensitive information. With Field-Level Security, firm administrators can choose which profiles can view each field on objects. Follow this guide to set field-level security on any object.

Let's say you want to set limit the Total Matter Value field visibility to certain profiles.

1. Visit Setup and search for the matter object in Object Manager.

2. On the matter object, navigate to Fields & Relationships in the left sidebar.

3. Search for the field whose visibility you want to limit. We're searching for the Total Matter Value field. Click the field name.

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4. On the field, click Edit Field-Level Security.

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5. On the Field-Level Security for Profile list, uncheck any profiles who should not have access to this field. Users who are assigned to the unchecked profiles will not be able to see this field on the page layout.

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6. Click Save.

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