Litify Inbox April 2020 Release

Release Notes 

Released: April 27, 2020

Upgrade: Automatic, no installation required. 

IP Address Updates 

Refer to this article for more details. 

As part of the April 2020 release, IP addresses supporting the Litify Inbox have been updated due to Azure server migrations. The update was conducted in order to provide a more secure & redundant server experience. 

An update is required if your company: 

1. Has network settings behind a firewall 


2. Has your Salesforce connected apps setting to only allow trusted IP addresses 

After the April 2020 release, all old IP addresses will be retired, and you will not be able to use the Litify Inbox without adding the new ones listed in the article above

UI Changes 

Record Select Checkboxes 

Checkboxes next to records removed from the UI in places where there are no selectable actions. The UI will no longer jump or slide to accommodate checkbox on hover when mouse is over objects. Checkboxes will only be present in save forms, where the user needs to make a selection for what to save. 

Customization setting ‘Pre-select for linking to emails/events’ is still respected – object types added into pre-selection will be auto-selected for linking.

mceclip5.png     mceclip4.png

Increased Usability for Primary Action Header Buttons 

Buttons have been made larger and more easily accessible for the search, add new record, and filter buttons. In order to save a new email, users will be prompted with 'Save email...' primary action button, and filter menu has been increased in size for larger click-area. 


mceclip1.png     mceclip3.png

Feature to Control which Attachments are Pre-selected

Added a customization setting to allow admins to determine which attachments are eligible for pre-selection on the user level. The available options are: select none, select only attachments bigger than 100Kb, or select all attachments.



Sync & Sync Settings 

Office 365 User Improvement

Improved user experience around enabling sync for calendar and auto-save features for Office365 customers. End users will no longer be required to perform a separate authorization step for Inbox to subscribe to their Exchange accounts. 

This should streamline the experience as the initial login to Office 365 will now automatically also subscribe the user with Exchange.  

The old sync set up steps will still be available. 


Better Contact/Party Sync 

Improvements to how Inbox maps Outlook event participants to existing Salesforce contacts & parties for synced events. 

Optional Feature for Automatic Contact Creation 

There is a new feature that will enable Inbox to automatically create Contacts in Salesforce from auto-saved emails. If enabled, this feature will create Contacts/Person Accounts for all auto-saved in & out bound emails for which there is no matching person or business object in Salesforce. 

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Technical Project Manager if you are interested in this feature. 


RevenueGrid is implementing localization for a handful of foreign languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian). 

This should not have any affect on machines that are located in the United States, or the UK. 

Bug Fixes 

Numerous bug fixes implemented.


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