Create a Custom Workflow to Name Intakes & Matters

Litify automatically fills out the Intake Display Name field (on Intakes) and the Matter Display Name field (on Matters) with the following values:

  • [Client Name] | [Numerical Month of Incident Date]/[Numerical Year of Incident Date] | [Case Type]
  • Examples:
    • Sally McQueen | 5/2020 | Automobile Accident
    • AAAA Plumbing | 12/2018 | Contract Dispute

If any fields are missing, these are left out of the display name.

How to turn off Litify's automatic display names

Disable the intakeMatterDisplayName trigger using the instructions in this article: Disable Litify Triggers

How to build your own custom automatic display names

You can replace the built-in Litify display names for Intakes & Matters using Salesforce Workflows.

Workflows combine two parts: a Workflow Action (which says "do this thing," in this case, update a field value), and a Workflow Rule (which says "do thing(s) when this is true")

You can read all about Workflows and how to build them in this Salesforce article.

Let's build a very simple Workflow for setting the Intake Display Name on Intakes. 

Create a Workflow Action to update the field

  1. Open Salesforce Setup and search for "Workflow"
  2. Click Workflow Actions Field Updates
  3. Click New Field Update and use these values:
    • Name: Custom Intake Display Name Update
    • Unique Name: Custom_Intake_Display_Name_Update
    • Description: Our custom Display Name for Intakes
    • Object: Intake
    • Field to Update: Display Name
    • Specify New Field Value: Use a formula to set the new value
  4. Within the formula field that appears, enter this text:


    litify_pm__Client__r.Name&" Intake "&TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)))&"/"&TEXT(Year(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)))&

    " ("&litify_pm__Case_Type__r.Name&")",

    litify_pm__Client__r.Name&" Intake "&TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)))&"/"&TEXT(Year(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate))))
  5. Save the action


The field update Workflow Action above checks to make sure that the Case Type is populated, and then fills out the Display Name field on the intake with or without the Case Type name accordingly.

You can modify the formula to use whatever fields or logic you wish.

Create a Workflow Rule to execute the update

  1. Open Salesforce Setup and search for "Workflow"
  2. Click Workflow Rules
  3. Click New Rule and select Intake as the object
  4. Click Next and use these values
    • Rule Name: Custom Intake Display Name Rule
    • Description: When to apply our custom value for Intake Display Name
    • Evaluate the rule when a record is: created, and any time it's edited
    • Run this rule if the: formula evaluates to true
  5. Within the formula field that appears, enter this text:
    OR( ISNEW(), OR(ISCHANGED(litify_pm__First_Name__c), ISCHANGED(litify_pm__Last_Name__c)), ISCHANGED( litify_pm__Case_Type__c))
  6. Click Save and Next
  7. On the next screen, select Add Workflow Action Select Existing Action
  8. Select Field Update from the dropdown menu
  9. Choose the action we created previously, "Custom Intake Display Name Update" and move it into the Selected Actions column
  10. Click Save
  11. Click Done
  12. Click Activate to enable your rule (this is very important!)
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