Using our file action ‘Create External Links,’ Docrio users can now select one or more documents to share with someone outside of their organization.

External Link Permissions

The ability to create external links and then manage external links is controlled by File Action permissions. These can be granted and removed via the File Actions Tab within Docrio Admin Settings.

How to create an External Link

Step 1

From the Docrio component on the record, check off the files that you want to include in your external link. From the ‘File Actions’ menu, select ‘Create External Link’

Step 2

A dialog box will appear where you can configure the settings for the link.

Expiration Date is a required setting. Default date that appears is for a week from the user's current date. Links can be valid for up to a year from their creation date. Please Note: Links expire at midnight in UTC time.

Password is an optional setting that can be configured. Ensure you send the password to the recipient with the link.

Click ‘Create Link’ once settings have been configured.

Step 3

A dialog box will appear that has the external link on it. Click the clipboard to copy the link.

How to access an external link

Step 1

Open your web browser of choice, and paste the external link into it and hit enter / click go.

If a password was set, user will be prompted to enter in the password.

Please ensure you send the password to your recipient along with the link.

If no password was set, the user will see a list of the files you are sharing with them.

Step 2

Users can see a preview of each of the files, as well as download each file individually. Or check the box next to each of the files and download all of the files at once.

Managing External Links in Docrio

Within Docrio a user can manage the external links that have been created.

Step 1

There is a symbol under file names that have had files created that alerts a Docrio to an external link having been created. It appears next to the version number for the file.

Additionally there is also a new tab in the preview pane that is titled Links. Here a user can find the external link that was created.

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