What is Litify Referrals?

Litify Referrals is the attorney social network that helps you manage referrals. Completely free, Litify Referrals gives you the tools to maintain accurate records of inbound and outbound referrals, monetize them according to your agreements, and store every referral in one application. Most importantly, Litify Referrals is easy to use. Its intuitive, user-friendly design invites you to begin using it immediately.  


Why should you use Litify Referrals?

Litify Referrals simplifies and streamlines your referral process, so everything is easier. Ease your referral workflow processes and manage more referrals in less time. With Litify Referrals you can:

-Maintain comprehensive records of all referrals in one application
-Receive and send more referrals when you join the Litify Referral Network 
-Monetize every referral by setting customizable referral agreements
-Enhance your relationships with partner firms with Litify’s built-in success metrics 
-Receive referrals that are appropriate for your firm


When should you use Litify Referrals?

When your firm has outgrown your current referral-management platform, and you need an easy way to manage all of your referrals in one place. Use Litify Referrals when: 

-You have more case referrals than you need, and you want to refer cases out
-A case is not right for you, and you want to refer it to another firm
-You need to send, store, and manage all referrals in a single application with ease
-You need to monetize outgoing referrals and keep track of incoming referrals 
-You need to increase your referral network and expand your business


Litify Referrals Network

The Litify Referrals Network (LRN) is a network of hundreds of law firms that use Litify Referrals daily. LRN allows you to send referrals to the right firm at the right time, receive appropriate referrals, and build business partnerships in a single application. With LRN’s built-in success metrics, you make data-driven decisions when sending referrals, so you save time and money and strengthen every decision you make. 


Litify Referrals Pro

Litify Referrals Pro is the complete Litify Referrals package. When you upgrade to Litify Referrals Pro, you integrate your referral-management processes into the rest of the Litify application. Gain access to dashboards, reports, and complete data about your referral performance. Transform referrals into intakes, manage case matters and documents, and work on cases from beginning to end in a single application. Upgrade to Litify Referrals Pro and give your firm the complete suite of Litify’s products today. Referrals Pro Overview provides more information. 


Additional Information 

Along with this documentation, there are other resources you can use to find out more about Litify Referrals, Litify Referrals Pro, and the rest of Litify’s products. 

For an overview of Litify’s products and our company: https://www.litify.com/

Contact Litify’s Customer Success Team for additional questions:

-Visit https://www.litify.com/success/ and fill out a support form. 
-Call 1-888-634-3350


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