More qualified cases. Less headache.

Ask the right intake questions at the right time, every time.

Litify Intakes transforms the way you onboard clients and evaluate cases. Use complex, rule-based questionnaires to capture essential details of any case type; set up phone queues for your intake agents; seamlessly convert intakes to matter records in the same cloud-based platform. 

Create smart questionnaires 

Navigating a potential client through the intake process is complicated—especially over the phone. Make case validation easier for your intake agents with rule-based questionnaires. As the conversation evolves, so do the questions, ensuring you have everything needed to best understand and represent your client.  

  • Create reusable questions
  • Use complex, rule-based questionnaires
  • Guide your intake agents with the best questions

Features: Litify Intakes, Questionnaire Builder

Keep intakes and matters in one platform

Validate case leads in the same platform you collect party info, generate documents, track injuries, and finalize negotiations. Litify Intakes convert into active matters with just one button. All data, notes, and important dates associated to the intake are kept so your team always has what they need. 

  • Validate and convert leads faster
  • Find everything you need in one place
  • Manage intakes like never before

Features: Litify Intakes, Litify Actions, Notes 

Refer intakes to other firms

Some cases aren’t right for your firm, but they’re perfect for another. Cash in on those leads by referring out your intakes! 

  • Use questionnaires to quickly validate leads
  • Refer leads with one button
  • Increase revenue from your inbound contacts

Features: Litify Actions, Litify Referral Network 

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