On Litify you can send a referral to any firm in Litify Referral Network and set a referral agreement. Sending referrals on Litify allows you to maintain comprehensive records of all referrals and agreements, so you don't lose track of them. 


Complete steps 1-3 to determine where to send a referral

1. Click the New Referral button in the upper-right corner of the screen. 


2. The "New Referral - Client & Case" window opens. Enter the Case Type (List of Case Types and Practice Areas in LRN), the client’s name, the client’s phone number, and the US state where the incident occurred. Add additional information as necessary. Click Next.

pasted_image_0__3_.pngTip: We recommend you fill out the optional fields, so the receiving firm has as much information as possible.


3. The "New Referral - Handling Firm" window opens. Determine where to send the referral. Follow path a, b, or c depending on your needs. 

a. Let Firm Admin Choose Where to Send Referral -- Check the Let My firm admin(s) choose box to let your firm’s administrators choose where to send this referral, and click Send to Admin to complete this referral.       

Go here to finish these steps as an admin: Send a Referral After a Member Has Sent it to Admin


b. Send Referral to Specific Firm, Attorney or Contact Name -- In the Firm, Attorney or Contact Name search box, choose the receiving firm.


Note: Suggested firms in LRN are provided based on case type and location.  

pasted_image_0__4_.pngTip: You can send the referral to a specific attorney or contact at the firm. Click the checkbox and select an attorney from the dropdown list. If you do not choose a specific contact, the referral goes to the handling firm's administrators. Users must have Receive Referrals privileges to appear in this list. To enable those: Change User Roles and Privileges.



c. Send Referral to New Firm and Invite Firm to LRN -- If the Handling Firm is not in LRN, the Firm, Attorney or Contact Name search box gives you the option to send a referral and invite a firm to Litify Referrals. Click Click here to send (firm) this referral and to invite them to Litify Referrals.


The "Invite Firm to Litify" window opens. Fill out the firm’s information and click Invite. Once you complete the referral, this process sends an automated email to the firm, informing them of the referral and inviting them to review it on Litify.  




Complete steps 4-6 to set a referral agreement and send a referral

4. After you have determined where to send a referral, the "Referral Settings" window opens. Complete this window.

a. In the Require a response within dropdown list, choose the required response time, which is the length of time your referral will exist before it expires at the handling firm.  
b. Set the referral agreement. Click Or suggest an agreement to select from three options: To be determined, Other agreement, or In percentage. These are not legally-binding agreements. 
c. Choose to send the referral from your individual contact information or from your firm's contact information.
d. Click Next.



5. Click Send on the “Review and send referral" window.


6. The “All Finished!” window opens, confirming you successfully sent your referral. This case is now stored in your Outbound Referrals. You receive an automated email when you create a new referral. All of your firm’s administrators receive the same email. Send another referral to continue your growth.

Next, you might want to Check the Status of a Sent Referral.


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