Litify Referrals gives you the tools to set varying privilege levels and users roles for all members across your firm. These options allow you to refine your user-management processes. Use this guide to customize every user’s role.

1. In Firm Settings, select the Firm Members tab. Locate the user whose role you are changing. Beneath the Actions tab, click Manage Users.    


2. In the Manage User window, determine the user’s privileges. There are five toggle options for permissions. Additionally, there are six User Role Presets


3. Determine the privileges you need to change, then click the appropriate buttons to toggle the privileges on or off. Click Save.  


Note: Admin cannot turn off their own admin privileges. Other administrators can do so.


Privilege Setting Definitions

Admin Privilege - This gives the user permission to invite users to the firm, assign user roles, remove users from the firm, assign cases, and manage all incoming, active, and outbound cases. Additionally, admins receive all automated emails about inbound and outbound cases. Admin privileges do not allow you to receive referrals directly from an originating firm.

Primary Contact - Toggle this on to set a user’s information as the primary contact information for your firm. Primary contact information appears in Case Details on outbound referrals, and in Case Details for the handling firm’s referrals. 

Referral Management - This gives the user permission to assign inbound referrals to specific attorneys and users.

Receive Referrals - Firms can send referrals directly to this user. These referrals will be assigned to this user. Users with this privilege appear as a contact when originating firms refer cases to your firm. 

BCC on All Referral Emails - User will be BCC’ed on all automated LRN emails.

Note: All members have permission to investigate, sign up, update, and decline cases assigned to them. 


User Role Presets

There are six User Role Presets that have pre-determined privileges. Use these to enhance your referrals operation. Access them in the User Role Preset dropdown list. 


Table of Role Presets: 

Admin Primary
BCC on All 
Referral Emails
Managing Partner On Off Off Off Off
Intake Manager On Off On On On
Off Off Off On Off
Off Off On Off Off
Intake Staff Off Off Off Off Off

There is an additional Custom role. This role allows you to determine any variation of privilege settings. 

Note: It may seem odd that the Intake Staff user role has all privileges turned off, but remember that all users can send referrals and work on cases assigned to them. Use this role for standard intake agents. 

Note: When you invite a new member to your firm, they are automatically assigned the “Non-Partner Attorney” role preset. Change this at any time with the above process.


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