What is a DICE queue?

A DICE queue is a calling list that shows agents the right Intakes, Matters, or Parties at the right time based on criteria you build. Structure the criteria based on the question answers and field values. Choose any relevant fields or questions and the value of those field or questions to determine the Intake, Matter, or client records that appear on a calling list.

Customize your queues to determine when and how frequently agents can call the cases on a DICE calling list. DICE queues ensure that your agents are calling the right leads at the right time, and following legal standards for follow-up calls.

When should you use DICE queues?

Administrators should build DICE queues when setting up a firm's intake process to ensure that different agents do not call the same potential case. Filter your cases for your agents at the beginning of the setup process.

Intake agents should use DICE queues to navigate to potential cases to increase efficiency and follow case-qualifying procedures. 

Starter DICE Queues

Follow this guide for ideas on starter DICE calling lists.

Follow this guide once you're ready to start creating a DICE Queue.  

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