Open a matter from an intake to continue working on a case beyond the intake stage in Litify. Use the Open Matter Litify Action on a signed up intake to complete this process.

This process changes the intake status to Converted. Additionally, this changes the intake Record Type from Active to Converted. Many fields from the intake map to fields on the new matter.

See the mapping table in this article for complete information. See the additional behaviors associated with this action at the bottom of this article.



Permissions: Create, Read, Edit permissions on intake and matter objects
Permission Set: Litify Intake User

1. Open an intake record. In Litify Actions, click Open Matter.


2. Complete the "Open Matter" window.

a. Select the Matter Owner from users in your org. In most cases, firms select the Attorney on the case as the matter owner. The matter owner populates the Principal Attorney field on the new matter.
b. Select the Matter Team from the dropdown list. Only teams where the Matter Owner is a member populate the dropdown selection.

Note: The matter owner might be on several different matter teams. If you do not choose a matter team when opening the matter, one of these matter teams will be chosen at random.

c. Case Type auto-populates based on the Case Type field on the intake. The case type you select determines the matter plan that will automatically load on the matter.


d. Optional: You can override the default matter plan associated with the selected case type. Clicking the checkbox gives you the option to select any Matter Plan from the dropdown list. If you leave the box unchecked, the matter plan for the selected case type will automatically load on the matter.


e. Click Confirm. The new matter opens. 

The Litify Actions component on the intake now displays the date of the action, the user, a link to the related matter record, and the status of the matter.




Many fields from the intake map to fields on the new matter. See this table for those field labels, field names, and field types:

Intake Field Label Intake Field Name Intake Field Type Mapped Matter Field Label Mapped Matter Field Name Mapped Matter Field Type
Case Address 1 litify_pm__Case_Address_1__c Text(255) Matter Address 1 litify_pm__Matter_Address_1__c Text(255)
Case Address 2 litify_pm__Case_Address_2__c Text(255) Matter Address 2 litify_pm__Matter_Address_2__c Text(255)
Case City litify_pm__Case_City__c Text(255) Matter City litify_pm__Matter_City__c Text(255)
Case Postal Code litify_pm__Case_Postal_Code__c Text(255) Matter Postal Code litify_pm__Matter_Postal_Code__c Text(255)
Case State litify_pm__Case_State__c Picklist Matter State litify_pm__Matter_State__c Picklist
Case Type litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) Case Type litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type)
Client litify_pm__Client__c Lookup(Account) Client litify_pm__Client__c Lookup(Account)
Description litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072) Description litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072)
Incident Date litify_pm__Incident_Date__c Date Incident date litify_pm__Incident_date__c Date
Source litify_pm__Source__c Lookup(Source) Source litify_pm__Source__c Lookup(Source)
Source Type litify_pm__Source_Type__c Picklist Source Type litify_pm__Source_Type__c Picklist
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter)* Primary Intake litify_pm__Primary_Intake__c Lookup(Intake)**

*Populated with the Matter    
**Populated with the Intake Record ID

Note: The Matter Owner you select populates the Principal Attorney and Owner fields.



All Roles on the intake get a lookup updated for the matter so they carry over to the Roles component on the matter. See this article for more information about intake and matter roles.



All questionnaires and question answers on the intake carry over to the matter. All questionnaires added to the matter will also become available on the intake record.

You can map answers to intake fields from questionnaires on a matter. You can also map answers to matter fields from questionnaires on an intake. 

Important: You cannot map an answer from an intake questionnaire to a matter field before you create the matter record. Create a matter and re-answer the question that maps to the matter to populate the matter field.                                            

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