Add Related Lists to a Page Layout

Add related lists to a page layout to grant direct access to related records on an object. For example, you might want to Negotiation, Insurance, or Intakes related lists to your matters page layout. In this guide, we'll add the Account History Related List to the party page layout to view the history of party records. Add the related list to the page layout, then edit the page to add the related list.

1. Visit Object Manager > Party > Page Layouts > Account Litify Individual. Drag the Account History related list into the related list section. Save the page layout.


2. Next, navigate to any party record. In the upper-right corner, click Edit Page. Drag the Related List - Single component onto your page layout and set the related list as Party History in the sidebar. Save the page layout.


3. View the related list on the party record to keep track of changes.



Related List Quick Links component

Instead of adding individual related lists, you can add the Related List Quick Link components to a page. This component contains links to all related lists on the page layout.



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