What is a Matter Plan?

A Matter Plan is an outline that defines the lifecycle of each case type worked by your law firm. It is comprised of several Matter Stages with each stage consisting of tasks, notes, and documents that guide a user through the necessary steps to satisfy that unique case type.

A Matter Plan is a default structure that you can modify later with additional tasks and Matter Stage switches as a case changes. Custom Matter Plans can also be built based on case type, location, or other criteria depending on your business.  

Within the Litify platform, Matter Plan (Matter_Plan__c) is a custom object that stores Matter Plans for your Matters.

When Should I Build a Matter Plan?

From Litify Setup, build Matter Plans before you work on Matters to ensure your firm manages cases in predictable ways. Edit Matter Plans as necessary directly from the Matter when a case requires changes. For best practices, build one Matter Plan for each case type your firm handles.

Why Should I Build a Matter Plan?

Matter Plans help administrators ensure the right tasks appear in the right order when teams are working through cases. Admin can pre-define the workflow of Matters. To get started, here are a few processes involved with setting up matter plans:

Create default matter tasks on matter stages
Modify a matter plan with matter stage switches to create plans for case types that branch into different plans
Add matter tasks to matter stages

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