Dynamic Intake Calling Environment (DICE) Overview

Litify’s Dynamic Intake Calling Environment (DICE) is a tool that allows intake managers to prioritize and organize potential cases--intakes, matters, and client records. DICE contains queues that filter your leads based on specific queries, so intake agents call or email the right leads at the right time.

With DICE’s dynamic call lists, intake agents know exactly which potential cases to follow up on and when. DICE is integrated across the entire Litify application, so agents at all levels of your organization know which cases are priority.

DICE is built to prevent users from accessing records that other agents have selected and are working. This allows multiple agents to use the same lists at once without contacting the same potential clients.


Why should I use DICE? 

DICE removes the guesswork from intake agents and managers. With DICE, you can:

• Create search criteria that filter all of your leads and build dynamic call lists
• Ensure every important potential case is handled by the appropriate agents at the right time
• Save time by having multiple agents working specific lists at the same time
• Enhance your intake workflow across your entire organization
• Make sure your firm is following proper calling procedure


When should I use DICE?

Build DICE queues when you are establishing your intake processes, so your intake agents know exactly which leads to call and when to call them. Then, consult call lists when determining which leads to follow up on. Build DICE queues for:

• New intakes
• Intakes that need followups after first attempt
• Intakes of specific case types
• Intakes that need followups after retainer agreement is sent
• Matters and client records


Permission Sets

• Users must have the Litify Power User permission set to create DICE queues.
• Intake agents must have the Litify Intake User permission set to view and complete DICE queues. Additionally, the Litify Matter User contains these permissions.


How do I use DICE?

Read these articles for information about using DICE:
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