Sync Litify Referrals Network with Litify Referrals Pro


Why do I need to sync my Litify org with Litify Referrals Network?

Sync your firm to the Litify Referrals Network so you can send and receive referrals, and connect your information between Litify Referrals Network and your Salesforce Litify org. All firms on Litify must create a Litify Referrals Network account.

You must also sync LRN firms and case types to your org to enable all referrals processes on Litify.

If you do not have an LRN account, create one.

Sync your firm with Litify Referrals Network

  1. Click the App Launcher 1.png to the left of the toolbar > select Litify Setup
  2. In Settings, click Login and Sync Referrals in the sidebar. Enter your Litify Referrals email and password > click Login


  3. The green checkmark indicates you successfully logged in. Click Log Off here to log in to a different Litify Referrals account. 


  4. Make sure your entire referral history syncs with your Litify org. Below the login screen, set the start dates back so your sync includes all referrals from the start dates until now. Then click the Sync data with switch to toggle it to ON.

Your Referrals Pro org is now synced with LRN. Continue growing your referrals business on Litify Referrals Pro. Send referrals, receive referrals, transform quality referrals into cases, and work on cases from beginning to end on Litify.

Upgrading to Litify Referrals Pro from the LRN Web App

When upgrading to Litify Referrals Pro from the free LRN web app, follow these one-time steps to ensure that all data syncs properly.

  1. Check to ensure the correct LRN API Endpoint is being used in the Public Setup custom setting: 
  2. While in the Public Setup custom settings, ensure the Firm Sync Is Paginated checkbox is checked
  3. Click the 1.png to the left of the toolbar, and select Litify Setup
  4. In Settings, click Login and Sync Referrals in the sidebar. Enter your Litify Referrals email and password and click Login

  5. Click Advanced Sync Settings and ensure all sync settings are “Stopped”
  6. Set all sync setting intervals to “60 sec”
  7. For the Firms and Case Types settings only, click Activate
  8. Wait for all firms to be synced (approx. 10 minutes)
    • This can be checked in "Public Setup" custom setting
    • Once the Firm Sync Updated Since field is populated the firm sync is complete
  9. When all Firms and Case Types are synced, click Activate All to sync the rest of your Referrals data

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