Create a matter plan to organize your matters in advance and ensure that users work through cases consistently and predictably. Read the overview of matter plans, then prepare your matter plan prior to building it.

For best practices, create one matter plan for each case type your firm handles.

When you open a matter, a matter plan is automatically selected based on the case type. For example, when you open a matter from an automobile accident intake, the matter plan with the automobile accident case type automatically loads on the matter. Note: if you have several automobile accident plans, the plan that is alphabetically first is automatically assigned to all automobile accident matters.

1. Click the App Launcher 2.1.png in the top left > Litify Setup.

2. Click Matter Plans in the toolbar. View, sort, edit, delete, and create matter plans on this page. In the upper right corner, click New. 


3. Complete the "Create Matter Plan" window.

a. Name the matter plan.
b. Select the Case Type. Create a custom Case Type if a case type your firm practices is not in Litify. For best practices, create one matter plan for each case type your firm handles.
c. Click Save.



4. The Matter Plan page opens. Here you can Edit, Delete, and Clone the matter plan. Next, create matter stages to guide users through each step of the matter plan. Matter stages contain matter tasks, notes, documents, Guidance For Success messages, and any other necessary information. Click New next to Matter Milestones to create a matter stage.



5. Complete the "Create Matter Stage" window.

a. Name the matter stage. 
b. Enter the number of the Stage Order. If this is the first stage, enter in this field.
c. Write an optional "Guidance For Success" message to help users at this stage. The "Guidance For Success" section on the matter stage displays this message.
d. Click Save


Note: Repeat step five for every stage you need in your matter plan.

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