Create a Matter Plan to organize your Matters and to ensure that cases are worked consistently and efficiently. 

Read our Matter Plans Overview article to get a better understanding of what Matter Plans are and how they can help.


Before creating a Matter Plan take some time to plan out which Matter Plans your firm will need and consider what items, like stages and tasks, those plans will consist of. 

We recommend that you create one Matter Plan for each Case Type that your firm handles.

Creating a Matter Plan

  1. Click the App Launcher pasted_image_0.png
  2. In the box that appears, search for and launch Matter Plans.  
    • On the Matter Plans page you can view, sort, edit, delete, and create Matter Plans
  3. In the upper right corner, click New.
  4. Name the Matter Plan in the box provided.
    • Try and make this something that you will recognize or easily understand in case you ever have to assign a Matter Plan manually. 
  5. Select the Case Type
    • Create a custom Case Type if a Case Type your firm practices is not in Litify. 
  6. Click Save.
    • Save & New saves your new Matter Plan and reloads this box so that you can repeat the process. This is helpful if you need to create several new Matter Plans at once. 
  7. The Matter Plan page for your new plan should open.
    • From here you can Edit, Delete, and Clone the Matter Plan. 

Adding Stages to a Matter Plan

After creating your new plan you will likely want to organize it using Matter Stages. Matter Stages contain Matter Tasks, notes, documents, Guidance For Success messages, and any other necessary information. 

  1. Click New next to Matter Milestones to create a new Matter Stage.
    • Matter Milestones are the same thing as Matter Stages. 
    • Matter Stage Switches are a way to replace future Stages in a Matter Plan if the course of a case changes. Everything added prior to this Stage will stay the same, but the future Stages will be removed and replaced. Learn more about adding Matter Stages Switches in the section below. 
  2. The New Matter Stage window should appear.
  3. Name the Matter Stage
  4. Confirm that the Matter Plan matches the plan you wish to add this stage to. 
  5. Enter a number in the box next to Stage Order depending on when this stage should appear in the Matter Plan. 
    • If this is the first stage, enter 1 in this field.
  6. Write an optional message in the Guidance For Success section to help users when they encounter this stage. 
    • The "Guidance For Success" section on the Matter Stage displays this message.
  7. Click Save
  8. Repeat the process of creating new Matter Milestones depending on the needs of your Matter Plan.

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