What are Litify Actions?

The Litify Actions component is a managed lightning component on Litify. This component contains many built-in Litify Actions to streamline your firm's processes, automatically update fields, and notify firms on LRN of case changes. Use Litify Actions to transform referrals into intakes and intakes into matters, and carry over important information between these records. 


Why use Litify Actions?

Use Litify Actions to ensure that the appropriate fields carry over between records, to sync important information with LRN, and to streamline your business processes. We suggest you use Litify Actions to update the Status field on referrals, intakes, and matters, rather than editing the Status field manually. This ensures that the information syncs with LRN, so everyone stays informed about changes in a case.

Where are Litify Actions?

You can add the litifyActions custom component anywhere on your referral, intake, and matter lightning record pages. Firms often choose to place Litify Actions on the right side of their referrals, intakes, and matters pages. See this article to edit a lightning record page.  

Litify Actions Permissions

To perform certain actions, users must be assigned the appropriate permission sets. For example, to perform actions on Litify Intakes a user must be assigned Litify Intake User permission set.


There are several Litify Actions on each Litify product.


Litify Referrals Actions

Investigate - Use this action when you agree to contact the client on a received referral. You will see the client's contact information fields after investigating. This action populates the Investigated at field on the referral record. More information: Investigate a Received Referral on Referrals Pro.

Create Intake - Creates a related intake record. The referral fields populate the intake fields. This does not mean you have signed up the case. This action leads to Litify Intakes, and changes the referral Status field to Active. More information: Create an Intake from a Received Referral.

Note: You cannot turn down a referral after you investigate it. You must create an intake and turn down the intake.

Decline - Decline a case and change its Status to Cancelled. This notifies the originating firm that you have chosen not to work the case.

Send - Use the Send action to send new outgoing referrals. This occurs when a user selects Send to Admin when creating a referral. Administrators can then send the referral.

Send Again - Use the Send Again action on outgoing referrals that expired or were turned down by a handling firm. Send the referral to another firm on the Litify Referral Network. More information: Send an Expired or Turned Down Referral to Another Firm on Referrals Pro.

Give Up - You can use the Give Up action on outgoing referrals that expired or were turned down by a handling firm. Case Status is Cancelled. You will no longer be able to work on a referral after giving it up.


Litify Intakes Actions

Sign Up - This means that a retainer agreement exists between the client and your firm. The originating firm will be notified that you signed up the case. This action populates Signed up at field on the related referral record. More information: Sign Up an Intake.

Open Matter - Once you have signed up the case, you can open a matter. Many fields carry over from the intake to the matter. This changes the intake Status to Converted. More information: Open a Matter from an Intake.

Turn Down - Turn down the case at the intake stage if you decide not to work the case. The originating firm will be notified that you have chosen not to work the case. This changes the intake Status to Turned Down. More information: Turn Down an Intake

Refer Out - Refer out intakes that did not originate as referrals from other firms. Select this action and choose the handling firm. This changes the intake Status to Referred Out. More information: Refer Out an Intake


Litify Matters Actions

Close Matter - Use this action when a case is complete. Select a reason for closing: Settlement, Decision, Verdict, Dismissal, Turned Down. Closing a matter updates the matter Status to Closed, the Closed Reason field with the reason you selected, and the Closed Reason Details field with the further details you selected. More information: Close a Matter.

Actions dependent on Close Matter action:

Notify LRN - Send the close information to the originating firm. 

Re-open matter - Re-open the matter to continue working on the case.

Refer Out - You can refer out matters that did not originate as referrals from other firms. This action changes the matter Status to Closed and populates the Closed Reason field with Referred Out. More information: Refer Out a Matter.


Litify Actions component after using an action

When you use a Litify Action such as creating an intake from a referral, the Litify Actions component displays this information to keep you informed. The component displays:

The action that was taken.
The user that took the action.
The related record if the action created a record.
The status of the record.
For referral records: the component also displays the Originating Firm that sent you the referral as well as the Referral Transaction record. 



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