Track Your Marketing Spend and ROI with the Marketing Spend Dashboard

Installing the Marketing Spend Feature

Use this link to install the Marketing Spend Feature in your organization:


Click here to watch the Marketing Spend Optimization Webinar. In this webinar, a Litify expert shows you the new marketing dashboard that dynamically calculates the ROI on your marketing investments, organized by sources.


About the Marketing Spend Feature

The new Marketing Spend feature in Litify gives you instant insight into your marketing spending and the leads generated and converted from your spending, organized by source. Additionally, the ROI of all marketing spend is calculated and displayed visually in the Marketing Spend Dashboard. These key reports pull from your existing sources and give you real-time data on your marketing conversion.

Take a look: 


Track Key Marketing Metrics

• Track all intakes generated, retained, and signed up with real-time data, based on source and any timeframe you define
• Track your ROI on marketing spending-- a calculation of Marketing Spend minus Net Attorney Fees on your Sources and their associated cases
• Learn your Cost Per Lead Trend: a report showing you, by each source, whether your leads are trending upward in ROI or you are spending more than you are receiving


Adding Monthly Spend

With your existing sources, such as Google or Billboards, you can now include a monthly spend amount. We will attribute all of your cases from that source for that time period to your dollar amount. 

Add monthly spending to your key sources to begin tracking your lead conversion and ROI on the new dashboard. To add a marketing spend, navigate to your key sources, then click the Add Monthly Spend button. On the Add Monthly Spend window, enter the date, the spend amount, and a description. 

One Marketing Spend Per Source each month

It's important to note that you should only enter one Monthly Spend per Source each month. For example, if you spend $10,000 on radio ads, then spend another $5,000 on radio ads within the same month--add those two together and create a $15,000 Monthly Spend on the Radio Ad Source. 



Dashboard Displays Intakes with Marketing Spends

The only intakes on displayed on the Marketing Spend dashboard are intakes that have a Source with Marketing Spends added. These reports do not display any leads without source or marketing spend.  


Packaged Fields

This package includes the following fields:
Retainers Sent -- looks at intakes and sees which has retainer agreement sent date, adds to that list. Make sure that the Retainer Agreement Sent date is filled out on intakes that you want to track. 
Sign Ups -- Status of the intake = converted, then it will add to the report.


1. Permission Set: Litify Marketing Spend-- assign this to all users who need to use this Marketing Spend feature.

2. Add Monthly Spend button to Source page layout. Add the Monthly Spend button to your Source page layout. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Source > Page Layouts. On your page layout, locate the Add Monthly Spend button in Mobile & Lightning Actions and drag it into the page layout, then save:


3. Add filters for source/source type and date range.



Dataload to Retroactively Add Marketing Spend Data

Since this new dashboard relies on new data, the dashboard will be blank until you begin adding monthly spends to your sources. If you want to backfill that data to get a head start, you can use dataloader to import your marketing information. Create a spreadsheet with three columns: source, amount, date and upload those marketing spend records. This will kickstart your dashboard and make it instantly accurate.


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