About the Work Smarter Release

The Work Smarter release focuses on increasing your efficiency on matter plans, tasks, and teams. We worked with many clients to build this release, including Nicole Armstrong, Attorney and Chief Operating Officer at Rubenstein Law, who says:

"The old adage 'work smarter, not harder' couldn’t be more true, especially in a law firm setting. With a focus on enhancing the matter plan feature, this Litify release is all about helping us work smarter. Rather than have attorneys and assistants constantly reinventing the wheel, each firm’s philosophy, techniques, and procedures can be built right into a matter plan. With the new features in the Work Smarter release, we can focus on the tasks that take priority and organize our tasks so we can handle them more efficiently. We can also be prepared for the twists and turns in each matter, thanks to the task set feature. Working smarter frees up time to focus on maximizing the value of each matter. Rubenstein Law is a results-oriented firm, so working smarter is a big part of our culture. Now with the Work Smarter release, we can all boost our productivity—less busy work, no forgotten steps, and bigger results for our clients."

- Nicole Armstrong, Attorney and COO at Rubenstein Law



Keep track of important case events with CalendarRules integration on matters
Mass reassign matter team members across many matters
Assign users to vacant roles on matter teams
A new task component on matters
View tasks on all matters with the All Tasks tab
Add groups of tasks ad hoc using task sets
Additional Matter Updates
Updates to Roles
Turn off email matching rules in Intakes API
Bug Fixes

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New Features

Keep track of important case events with the CalendarRules integration on matters

Litify Matters is integrated with CalendarRules to provide seamless access to court rules, related deadlines, and events. CalendarRules provides rules for courts across the United States, including State, Federal, Bankruptcy, Appellate, Local, Judges, and miscellaneous Agency-related rules. Litify's CalendarRules integration gives you access to this database, allowing you to keep track of your jurisdiction-specific events, add them to your calendar, and associate them with a matter. This feature requires a subscription with Calendar Rules in your jurisdictions. Find more information here and take a look:



Mass reassign matter team members and tasks across many matters

In Litify Settings, you can now mass reassign a user on all matter teams, including existing tasks assigned to the user. This setting allows you to replace a user on one, several, or all matters where they are a matter team member. You no longer have to waste time reassigning users on individual matters when their roles change throughout a case. Find more information here.



Assign users to vacant roles on matter teams

Sometimes you don't know who is going to fill a role when you start working on a matter. Now, you can assign users to vacant roles on a matter team and assign all current and future tasks to the users automatically. This allows you to ensure the right tasks are assigned to the right users. Fill in the gaps in your matter teams as cases progress. Find more information here.



New task component on matters

The new task component provides more ways to view and interact with matter tasks, including sorting, filtering, viewing, creating, and editing tasks. Find more information here.


• Sort the table or filter the tasks based on one or several fields: Task Name, Due Date, Assignee, Status, Stage, Priority, Repeat, and optionally Task Type and Type.
Mass edit tasks on this table to change their due date, status, or priority.
• View all tasks on the current stage or all tasks added to the matter.
• Complete tasks quickly with the dropdown arrow on the right side of the component. Note: Formerly, checkboxes were used to complete tasks. We had to repurpose those checkboxes to support bulk updating tasks, which we think you'll love. 




Global view of tasks on all matters with the All Tasks tab

The new All Tasks tab allows you to view all tasks on all matters in your Litify organization. With this global view, you can quickly see your tasks and filter them based on any of the fields displayed on the table: Name, Due Date, Assignee, Status, Stage, Priority, Repeat, and Related To. Click the tab, select one or many users, and view the tasks assigned to those users across all matters. Find more information here.



Add groups of tasks ad hoc using task sets

Now you can add groups of tasks not bound to your matter plan as needed throughout a case. Create task sets using the matter plan builder and add those task sets on any matter, saving you time and making your matter plans more dynamic and efficient. A task set contains all default matter tasks on a stage where the “Task Set” checkbox is marked as true. The same due date rules and functionality are available on task sets. The Add Task Set button on the "Create Tasks" window contains all task sets you've enabled.

Find more information here about task sets. 



Additional Matter Updates

• You can now select all or no tasks on the "Create Tasks" window with a checkbox.
• Added the Work Smarter Release Matter Layout that includes all new components in this release.
• Task and stage search results on Due Date Selector now display the stage and plan they are on, ensuring you select the correct task or stage.


• Clip text on Name Column on the task table.

• We now support repeating tasks on matter plans. Set default matter tasks to repeat in matter plans, or set standard tasks to repeat when creating or editing them. Find more information here about repeating matter tasks.



Updates to Roles

• Roles are ordered alphabetically when you click Group by Name on the Roles component.
• You can now change the party associated with a role. Find more information here.
• Customize fields displayed in party search results on the Roles component. This allows you to distinguish between two parties with the same name when adding roles. 

Find more information here and take a look:


Disable Email Matching Rules in Intakes API

In Litify Party Settings, you can now disable the email matching rules in the Intakes API. This allows you to add numerous intakes with parties that have the same email address. Many firms reported an issue with API matching rules merging two parties with the same email, so we are giving you the ability to determine the settings for your Litify organization. Find more information here.



Bug Fixes

Signed Up At value was not populating on signed up referrals.
• Litify Actions were not visible on referrals.

• Referred out intakes displayed the Open Matter action.
• Open Matter Litify Action caused an error on Firefox.

• Rearranged operators in Due Date Selector.
• Changed error message when adding a value of over eight characters in the operator field on Due Date Selector. 
• Default matter tasks from the first matter stage appeared on the Add Tasks page when users skipped the first stage and made later stages active. 
• Fixed issue with setting matter plans using Process Builder.
• AllMatterTriggerHandler required users to have too many permissions on matters.
• Fixed matter plan component error on Firefox.
• Matter plan field did not update when matter plan was modified.
• Fixed issue with auto-add task assigning to the current user instead of matter team members when opening matter from intake.

• Tasks created with an unassigned role were assigned to the current user. They are now auto-assigned to the matter owner.
• Task Type picklist in time entries was not in alphabetical order.

• Fixed issue in which you could not turn down a case in LRN.
• Added information icon on the Advanced Filter fields and Edit icons on the Start and End date fields in LRN.

•  Added validation error when tabbing on new party window and adding dates in incorrect format.

• Mapping Date/Time questions in questionnaire reflected GMT and not the user's time zone. These questions now reflect the user’s time zone.
• Question and Answers field and Questionnaire Output component displayed mapped fields before unmapped fields.
• Fixed inaccurate hover-over text on questionnaire builder for active questionnaires.
• Fixed an issue with Address and Date fields when creating a party via an intake questionnaire.
• Fixed issue with questionnaires that contain numerous navigation rules.
• Expand the size of multiselect question field on questionnaires, so you can see more values without scrolling.
• String questions now limit answers to 255 characters on questionnaires.

• Mapping Date/Time fields with CQC now maps according to the user's time zone.
• Fixed issue with CQC messages when CQC rules are triggered in Questionnaire navigation.

• Fixed an issue with Address and Date fields when creating a party via Roles component.
• Scrolling in Roles search results did not display field labels or allow you to leave the window.

Time Entries:
• Fixed issue with stopwatch including pre-existing time entries when users added new time entries.

Intakes API:
• Fixed issue with importing intakes with incorrect email addresses.

• Fixed data issue with Load Standard Litify Questionnaires button.
• Cleaned up wording on switch tasks modal on matter team member switch feature.  
• Fixed issue with New Party window.
• Fix URL handling to work well with the new Salesforce URL structure.


Known Issues in the Work Smarter Release

These are Known Issues you might encounter with the new features in this release. These will be addressed in future patches.
• Filtering tasks on new task component only works with "And" and "Or" filters used separately.
• Litify Setup App links to the deprecated Litify Settings. Access the new Litify Settings in All Items in App Launcher. 
• On the Matter Team reassign window, the search results for a new assignee has functionality issues. There are two cancel buttons, and you cannot save without selecting a user. 
• Statute of Limitations date doesn't recalculate when incident date is changed. 
• Default matter tasks with due dates set do not respect Repeat After Date Completed functionality. For now, you cannot repeat default matter tasks that have due dates set.


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