What is an intake?

An intake (litify_pm__Intake__c) stores information about a potential case on Litify. Connect an intake with a party record for the potential case and begin gathering information with Litify Intakes tools. This is the first step in the intake-qualification process. Intakes help you keep track of your potential cases on Litify and determine which cases to sign up. 


When should I create an intake?

Create an intake record when you receive a call about a potential case or you call a lead to begin qualifying it. Then, assemble important information about the case on the intake. Qualify the case with questionnaires, CQC, DICE queues, and other Litify Intakes tools. This is the stage when you determine whether or not you want to sign up the case and open a matter from the case. 


Five ways to create an intake

There are five ways to create an intake on Litify. This guide walks you through each of them. 


Permissions Required

Permission set that contains necessary permissions: Litify Intake User permission set
Necessary profile permissions: Read, Create, and Edit permissions on Account/Party object


Create an intake directly after creating a party

For best practices, we suggest you create an intake along with a party record.

1. Navigate to the create party window to Create a New Party. In the "Create Account" window, add any necessary information. First Name and Last Name are required fields.

2. Click Save & Create Intake


pasted_image_0__2_.pngThe party populates the Client field on the new intake. 

2. Complete the "Create Intake: Active Intake" window. Click Save. This directs you to the new intake.  


Field Mapping

When you create an intake from a party record, these fields populate the intake fields.

Party Field Label Party Field Name Party Field Type Intake Field Label Intake Field Name Intake Field Type
      Client Client__c Lookup(Party)
First Name First_Name__c Text(255) First Name First_Name__c Text(255)
Last Name Last_Name__c Text(255) Last Name Last_Name__c Text(255)
Email Email__c Email Email Email__c Email
Phone Phone__c Phone Phone Phone__c Phone


Create an intake on your intakes page

1. Navigate to your intakes page. On this page you can create, edit, delete, and sort your intakes. Click rtaImage-2__1_.png in the upper-right corner.



2. Complete the "Create Intake: Active Intake" window. Click Save.



Create an intake from the related list on the party record

1. Navigate to the party who will be the client on the intake. In the Related tab, locate the Intakes as Client related list. Click New


2. Complete the "Create Intake: Active Intake" window. Click Save



Create an intake from the Intakes API

You can post intakes to Litify with the Litify Intakes API


Create Intake Litify Action on a received referral

You can Create an Intake From a Received Referral with the Create Intake Litify Action. 


Intake record page

Once you have created an intake, you will be directed to its record page. This page contains all information, Litify Actions, and records related to the intake.

a. Tabs contain the components and fields on the intake page. Create new tabs when you edit your intake lightning page. Common tabs on an intake include Details, Questionnaire, Documents, and Activity History.
b. This section contains the available Litify Actions.
c. View Parties, add an Activity, and access the Chatter feed directly from the intake. 
d. Access DICE, add Notes, and view Recent Items. 



Intake List Views

You can sort your Intakes by list views. In the upper-left corner click the dropdown list to view the options. 

You can Create a New List View​ at any time to organize the way you view your intakes.

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