Investigating a referral is the first step in determining whether or not you want to work a case. You are able to view the client's name and contact information after you investigate a case. This indicates that you are interested in learning more about a case.

Members can investigate any referral assigned to them.

Administrators and users with Referral Management privileges can investigate and assign any referral with the Assign & Investigate button. These users can assign cases to themselves with this button.

Note: If a case is referred directly to a member of your firm from the originating firm, only that member is allowed to investigate it.


Here's how:

1. Locate the case you are investigating in your New Referral Inbox. Click Investigate below the Actions tab. 
Administrators see the Assign & Investigate button


Note: The Status tab displays the amount of time until the referral expires. 


2.  Click Confirm on the "Investigate this Referral?" window.


3. The Sign Up button now appears in place of the Investigate button.


4. Click the Ref # link to to find the client's contact information now populated.


You also receive an automated “Case Accepted" email containing the client’s contact information.Investigating a case changes its status to "To be signed."



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