Litify Referrals Web App keeps you updated about your inbound, active, and outbound referrals with a system of automated emails. This ensures you are aware of any changes in your cases.

Administrators receive emails about every case, so they can keep up with the entirety of their firm. Members receive emails about cases assigned to them. This page details the automated email settings for originating and handling firms.


Originating Firm

Administrators receive an automated email when a referral is:

• Created
• Declined/Turned Down
• Expired 
• Signed Up
• Updated

Members receive an automated email when:

• They create a referral. 
• A referral they created is declined or expires. 
• A referral they created is signed up or updated.


Handling Firm

Administrators receive an automated email when:

• Their firm receives a referral.
• Their firm investigates a referral. 
• Their firm declines or turns down a referral.
• Their firm lets a case expire. 
• Their firm updates a case.

Members receive an automated email when:

• A new referral is sent directly to them.
• They choose to investigate a case. The email contains the client’s contact information. 
• A case assigned to them expires.
• They decline, turn down, or update a case assigned to them.

Active Referrals

For all of your active inbound referrals, your firm administrators and the case’s assigned member receive emails every six weeks requesting updates. These emails remind you to review your cases for updates and to inform everyone involved in the case of any changes. Add a comment or update the case to keep the originating firm informed.


BCC on All Referral Emails

Members with BCC privileges receive all administrator emails as well as emails they would normally receive.



Additional Emails

You receive an automated email when:

• A firm invites you to join Litify
• A firm invites your firm to Litify
• A user requests to join your firm

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