Docrio One-Click Edit is a desktop application that enables users to edit documents in Microsoft Word and automatically save updated versions to Litify.


  • Microsoft Word (or any word processor that can save as a .docx file)
  • File Actions must be enabled on your Litify User Profile.


  1. Use the following links to install the desktop app:
  2. Open the file in your browser’s download tray.
  3. Complete installation.
  4. Docrio Edit appears in your active applications tray at the top of your screen.

Now you are ready to log in to the Docrio Edit app and sync with Litify.

Authenticate to Litify

  1. Select the Docrio Edit icon in your application tray.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.


  1. Input the 18 or 15-digit org ID associated to your Litify account.
    • In Litify: Setup > Company Information > Organization ID.
  2. Select Login.
  3. Log in to salesforce using your Litify email and password.
  4. Select Allow to enable authentication.

Launch Docrio Edit from Litify

  1. Navigate to Litify Matters > Matters > select a Matter Name.
  2. Navigate to the Documents tab.
  3. Find a document to edit and expand the ACTIONS dropdown > Edit.
  4. A modal appears. Select Open Docrio Edit.
    • The file you are editing downloads to your local hard drive and can be viewed in Docrio Edit > File Status.
  5. Microsoft Word launches with the current version of your document.
  6. Edit the document as needed.
  7. Save to push changes into Litify as a new document version.

All downloads and version changes during this session are viewable in the Docrio Edit tray, under File Status > History.


View Versions and History

Docrio supports up to 100 versions of a document; for more document versions, simply attach the file again to the matter as a new record.

See the File Actions section of the Docrio User Guide for information about document versions and history.

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