Set up Calendar Rules on Litify Matters to access a database of calendar rules for your jurisdiction and add necessary events to your calendar. Create an account on Calendar Rules, add the CalendarRules component to your matters page layout, input your login token, and make sure your users have access with the Litify Calendar Rules User permission set. Additionally, make sure your time zone is accurate in your settings.

Note: Simplify this process by assigning the Work Smarter Release Matter Page Layout to profiles that need to access Calendar Rules on the matter object. The Work Smarter layout includes the Calendar Rules components and necessary related lists, eliminating the first five steps of this process.

1. First, you have to purchase an account with Calendar Rules. Visit this page to select your jurisdiction, then get a quote for pricing. After you register with Calendar Rules, you will receive a login token via email attachment from Calendar Rules. Litify does not provide this login token.
2. Add the Calendar Rules component to your matters page layout.

a. Navigate to any matter, and click cog in the upper right corner. Click Edit Page.
b. Optionally, add a Calendar Rules tab.
c. In the Custom section on the left sidebar, locate the CalendarRules component. Add the component to the tab or anywhere on your matters page.



3. Next, add the Calendar Rules Trigger related list to your Matters page layout.

a. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager and select the Matter object.
b. Click Page Layouts on the left sidebar and select your current page layout.
c. Drag the CalendarRulesTrigger Related List into the Related List section on the page layout. Save your page layout.



4.  Add a Related List that contains all Calendar Rules Triggers so you can locate all events added to this matter.

a. Edit your Matters page.
b. Drag the Related List - Single standard component onto your layout.
c. In the Related List section on the right sidebar, select CalendarRulesTriggers.



5. Click Save.

6. Next, login with the token provided by Calendar Rules.

a. Navigate to Calendar Rules on a matter.
b. Paste the login token and submit it. You will not have to enter this login token more than once.

7. Make sure all Process Builders that CalendarRules uses are active. Navigate to Setup > Process Builder and make sure these processes are active:

• Create Event Log Junction on Calendar Rule Trigger Create
• Create Event Log Junction on Event Create
• Create Log for Calendar Rule Event
• Create Log on Trigger Update
• Update Calendar Rule Trigger Children


Add Profile Access

Calendar Rules uses a new Record Type on the Event object. You must grant access to this Record Type on the profile of every user who will be using Calendar Rules. Navigate to Profiles > Record Type Settings > Event Record Type. In Available Record Types, click Calendar Rules and click Add.



Set Your Time Zone

Make sure your user time zone is accurate. Trigger dates on Calendar Rules are based on your user time zone settings. Navigate to your user settings, then select Language & Time Zone to verify that your user time zone is accurate.



Permission Set

Grant users access to Calendar Rules with the Litify Calendar Rules User permission set.

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