Sending referrals is one of the primary ways you can grow your business and expand your referral network on Litify Referrals. When you send a referral it is stored on your Outbound Referrals page. You can locate comprehensive information about all of your sent referrals, and manage them in a single application on your Outbound Referrals page. This section outlines the major processes involved with outbound referrals.

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Members can view the cases they have referred out.
Administrators can view every case their firm has referred out. 

You can sort your outbound referrals by status, or search for a particular referral via client’s name, phone, or email. 

The tabs are:

Ref #: Automatically-generated internal reference number
Client: the client whose case you referred out
Case Type: the type of case you referred out
Case Location: the location where the incident occurred
Sent On: the date you sent the referral
Last Updated: the last time the handling firm updated the case
Status: the status of the case, based on the handling firm’s actions 
Handler: the receiving firm or handling firm
Actions: the actions you can perform on an outbound referral 


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