Completing questionnaires adds valuable information to a potential case. Questionnaires save your answers alongside the rest of an intake or matter's information, so you can access and review pertinent information at any time. Navigate your completed questionnaires with ease to reference earlier answers and stay informed throughout the qualification process.

All questionnaires completed on an intake are stored on the matter you open from the intake. This helps you maintain complete information about a case at every step in the process.

1. Once you've added a questionnaire to an intake or matter, begin answering its questions. Complete questions on a node and click Next



Questions with a red asterisk are required. Litify Administrators can determine which questions are required in Questionnaire Builder. 


2. Complete every node until you reach the end of the questionnaire. Click Back to navigate to the previous node at any time. When you navigate to a node on a different questionnaire with navigation rules, the back button returns you to the previous node from which you navigated.


3. When you complete every node, you will see the "End of Questionnaire" message. Click Relaunch to begin the questionnaire at the first node.  



Case Qualification Criteria

When you click Next on a questionnaire node, the questionnaire checks every CQC rule you build. The CQC message you created appears on the node informing you of the changes. The questionnaire navigation may change based on the CQC firing.

Example of a CQC message the questionnaire displays when a rule fires:


Navigate to completed sections of questionnaires


Locate answers to questions below the questionnaire. Questions are stored in the same order they appear on the questionnaire. Click any question link to navigate directly to the node where the question is located. You can edit a question at any time by navigating to it, changing your answer, and clicking Next.

All answers from the questionnaire are stored together here--even if you navigated to numerous different questionnaire nodes via navigation rules.



Qualified Questionnaire

Completing a questionnaire on an intake automatically checks the "Qualified" checkbox in System Information when the questionnaire does not trigger any Case Qualification Criteria. 



How answers are stored

Answers to questions are stored in three places on Litify. You use answers for reporting, creating workflows, and storing important details for other team members to review. 

1. Questionnaire Output Section of the Questionnaire Component
Located directly below a questionnaire, this displays all questions and answers in the order they are answered on a given questionnaire.

2. Questionnaire Output (litify_pm__Questions_and_answers__c) Field on the intake or matter
This field stores questions and answers from all questionnaires on a field on the intake that can be used for processes, and sending case information using workflows. 

3. Question Answer (litify_pm__Question_Answer__c) object in Litify
We also store question answers as individual records related to your intake, and later relate them to a matter if it is associated with the intake. We do this so you can create reports on how answers to specific questions lead to different case results. Locate question answers in the Answers related list. 

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