Major Release v19.6003 - Evolution

Release Summary:

  • This major release includes minor releases 19.5007, 19.5009, 19.6002
  • Key improvements include:
    • Significantly improved performance and new automation across Matter Plans and Tasks. Users will spend less time clicking buttons, manually adding tasks and filling in fields so you can focus your valuable time on helping your clients through to settlement. 
    • Advanced search now supports formula fields to improve on the ability to quickly identify important information in a matter


New Features

  • None


Matter Improvements

  • Summary: Significantly improve performance and introduced additional automation across Matter Plans and Tasks. Users will spend less time clicking buttons, manually adding tasks and filling in fields so they can focus on helping their clients through settlement. 
  • Features Affected: Matters, Triggers, Roles, Tasks 


Advanced Search Supports Formula Fields

  • Summary: Users who create related records from the roles component were previously not able to use advanced search from lookups to the roles object.
  • Workflows Affected: Use a formula(text) as a search value on advanced search
  • Solution: User can perform Advance Search on Roles and will get same results as when performing regular search. Search works when searching by fields on Search Results.


Fixed Issues

Intake field values were not mapping between Questionnaires until page refresh

  • Summary: When user has a questionnaire with mapped values on Intake, these values are all pre-populated in the questionnaire. If a user navigated to another Questionnaire, questions on that second questionnaire were not populated with mapped values until user refreshes page. After refresh fields are populated.
  • Features Affected: Questionnaire values
  • Solution: Intake values now map to all questionnaires without clicking refresh


Some users reported Roles Component not available

  • Summary: Reported issue where Non-Admin Users cannot see the Roles Component, but the component is actually on the page.
  • Features Affected: Viewing Roles Component
  • Solution: All users now able to view Roles Component

Custom lookup not respecting profile permissions

  • Summary: Reported that users without the profile permission to create new sources were able to do so using our custom lookup on the questionnaire.
  • Features Affected: Questionnaires
  • Solution: Profile permissions respected within all of our components.

When a role is nested, previewing roles and party information from roles component causes cancel button to malfunction.

  • Summary: Reported that users aren't able to cancel immediately after clicking the X in the upper right of the screen when looking at Roles Information or Party information from the roles component. This occurs whenever a role is nested inside of another role.
  • Features Affected: Previewing Roles
  • Solution: Nested roles are able to exited when looking at Role Information or Party Information in the Roles Component

Questionnaire load is briefly telling user no questionnaires are available before loading questionnaires

  • Summary: When the questionnaire loads, it briefly flashes that no questionnaires are available despite loading moments later
  • Features Affected: Questionnaires
  • Solution: If there are questionnaires, user will see the picklist to choose questionnaires on sequential tabs (not tab 0 because that will have opening already loaded). If there are no questionnaires, the prompt appears and there will be no tabs other than tab 0.

User can't edit Role properly if Role Sub-Category is required field on layout

  • Summary: Users receives error when updating Role from compact layout if Roles Sub-category is a required, even if the selected role does not contain a Sub-category
  • Features Affected: Update Roles, Roles Subcategory
  • Solution: If role subcategory is required but the selected role does not contain a subcategory, role can now be selected.

Fields on the related list objects are no longer required

  • Summary: On the roles component, required fields are not showing up as intended for the related list objects.
  • Features Affected: Related List Objects, Roles Component
  • Solution: Required Fields are visible

Error when editing matter fields due to task lookups

  • Summary: any matter with existing tasks that do not look up to a default matter task (any manually created task) will result in a null reference error. This error occurs whenever editing any field on the matter so long as the task is present.
  • Features Affected: Editing any field on a matter with tasks present that do not look up to a default matter task
  • Solution: Existing tasks without default matter tasks no longer result in reference error when editing fields


DDS for Default Matter Task not displaying Matter field data correctly - Lowercase date field bug

  • Summary: On the matter Task view, tasks based on Matter fields aren't properly rendering when viewed from the Due Date Selector 
  • Features Affected: Tasks created before summer '19 are the affected tasks. Pre-summer '19 tasks that are then updated after summer '19 are displaying properly 
  • Solution: the fix will show the matter due date field in the view all lowercase 


Known Issues

Cannot save roles subcategories for Medical Provider

  • Summary: Medical Providers was not a valid picklist value for the “Intake Role” record type, which is the record type being created on matters when using the interface. When creating roles on matters, it uses the default record type for the current user, rather than basing it on the current context (Matter or Intake) The roles component “intakeMatterRoles.cmp” is used on both the Intake and Matter layouts. It is only used on the layouts; currently it is not used as a child component inside any other custom component.
  • Work Around: The customer workaround is to make sure all picklist values are included in all record type.
  • Will be resolved in: v19.8001
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