Create default matter teams to streamline your workflow and determine users for different case types ahead of time. This will ensure your matters operations are efficient and consistent. Check out the default matter team overview for more information before building default matter teams. Review the default matter team overview before building a matter team.

1. Click dmt1.png and navigate to Litify Setup.

2. Click the Default Matter Teams tab. Create, edit, delete, and view default matter teams. In the upper-right corner, click dmt2.png. 


3. Name the team in the "Create Default Matter Team" window. Click Save


4. Next, add members to your default matter team. Click New in Matter Team Members


5. Fill out the "Create Matter Team Member" window. 

a. Name the matter team member. For best practices, this should match the name of the user you select. 
b. Select the user. Although this field is not required, it's important to always select a user for a matter team member. If you do not select a user, you might encounter errors when creating matters and auto-assigning tasks. For best practices, select a default case manager for all unknown users, then reassign the user at a later date.
c. Select the Matter Team Role for this user.
d. Add this matter team member's billable hourly rate. This rate populates the Billable Hourly Rate field on the matter team when you add this team to a matter.
e. Click Save.


 You can create a matter team role directly from the Role field dropdown list with the New Matter Team Role button.


6. The new matter team member appears on the default matter team. Add more members to complete an entire team. Click a matter team member's name to edit the team member.


You can now select your new default matter team on a matter plan. Test out your new team and create more default matter teams for your cases.

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