Set a default questionnaire as the first questionnaire that automatically opens on every new intake you create. Use default questionnaires to begin qualifying cases, then navigate to more detailed questionnaires. Before setting a default questionnaire, plan a default questionnaire and create a questionnaire. Set the default questionnaire in Litify Setup so you can streamline your case-qualification process and ensure users gather important information consistently.

1. Click the User-added image button in the upper-left to open the App Launcher. Click Litify Setup.


2. In Litify Settings, locate Litify Intakes Settings. Click Questionnaires


3. In the Default Questionnaire dropdown list, select the questionnaire you want to set as the default. Click Save.

• To set a default questionnaire, it must be Active in Questionnaire Builder. Find more information here.


4. Create a new intake and check the Questionnaire component for your default questionnaire.

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