Create questions to add to questionnaires and streamline your intakes process. Questions can be used on any questionnaire. Make sure to plan your questionnaire before you build questionnaires.

1. Open the App Launcher by pressing the cq1.png button to the left of the toolbar. 

2. Select Litify Setup from the App Launcher.



3. Click the More downarrow and select Questions.


4. On your questions page, you can view, sort, edit, and delete questions. Click New in the upper right to create a question.  

5. Complete the question creation window. 

a. Name the question in the Question Label field. This is the text you want to display within the questionnaire. For example: Is the borrower filing for bankruptcy?

b. Select the answer type from the dropdown list. This is the type of information you want to collect with this question. Basically, this is the information you want to gather. If you want a simple text answer to the question you're building, choose "String."


i. If you choose select or multi-select you will be able to add the answer choices.
ii. If you choose lookup you will be able to choose the object to lookup.
iii. See the complete list of answer types and their definitions.

c. Click Save


Note: Leaving the answer type blank causes problems. Make sure you choose an answer type when creating each question.


Select and Multiselect Answer Types

If you choose Select or Multiselect as your answer type, you must set the answer options. These options fill a picklist when users answer this question on the questionnaire.



Lookup Answer Type

If you choose Lookup for your answer type, this field determines the records that will show up when a user searches in this question's field. Will the search return a list of Parties? A list of Case Types? 

Select the Lookup answer type, then select the Object to lookup from the dropdown list.


The most commonly referenced objects for Lookup Questions are Party, Case Type, Role, and Firm.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every question you will use in your questionnaire.  

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